Relativistic Theories, Gravitational Theories and General Relativity
Here is a draft of version 1.0.1. (Aug 26, 2018)             [Book 1.0.1, Index 1.0.1]

Now background material is reasonably complete, though it needs a revision.
References and Links to Maple worksheets are on the way (and they will be for some time).
The rest is homotopic to a final version.
Unfortunately, due to the length of it, I fear it will be evolving forever.

Chapters 4 and 9 need to be revised, but I finally completed Chapters 15-17.
More topics (as classical tests, stellar models, gravitational lensing) will come.
I'm also planning a Chapter on LQG.

That is free to read, free to use, free to distribute, free to share, free whatever except publishing it.

Any comment is appreciated.
If you use it as material for lecturing or background material for students, I would like to know it (just for stats).

I cite the book as:

{\it Relativistic Theories, Gravitational Theories and General Relativity},

Enjoy it.


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